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Tool Library is one of nine programs housed within the WBRP:

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What is It?
The WBRP Tool Library is a free tool lending library designed to empower residents of the
community to make essential repairs and maintenance to their homes and enable DIYers of any
background to Get Stuff Done #GSD. The Tool Library is located within the heart of West
Bloomington at 724 West Washington Street. Check out our current operating hours here! (link
to Hours spot on page)
Why we do it
Having the proper tools is a necessity with any project. Coupled with the fact that the average
age of a home on the West Side of Bloomington is around 100 years old means many
homeowners would love to make repairs or modifications but may not have the resources to
complete their projects. The WBRP Tool Library helps alleviate some of these problems by making home improvement
much more cost effective for its users. That and because tools are awesome and we like to #GSD.

How do I get Involved?
We are so glad you asked because we have answers! Look at that, we’re vibing already! Because
we’re vibing so good, we’re going to do the rest of this section in rhyme (But only this section)
Do us this honor – Become a Volunteer or Donor
(Link to the WBRP Donate and Volunteer Page)
Its easy to remember – Apply here to be a member.
(Link to Application)
Don’t be a fool, go ahead and browse out tools.
(Open a new tab to the MyTurn Inventory site)
We couldn’t think of anything that rhymes with hours… so here are our hours
(Display Operating Hours)
Don’t forget the oven mitts, help out with the Bed Blitz
(Link to Bed Blitz Page)